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Statistics on SUS

Brazil’s unified health system (SUS) is one of the largest universal health care systems in the world.  It is the main supplier of health care to 76% of the population in Brazil. It has 5,900 thousand registered hospitals. It also has an agreement with almost all public hospitals, private and university hospitals which guarantees all the citizens the right to care. It has 64,000 primary health care units and 28,000 family health care teams. It also created the Mobile Emergency Health Care Service (SAMU) and National Policies for Women’s Integral Health Care. The mobile service was created in 2003 as part of the National Emergency attention policy. It is the largest public organ and tissue transplant program. It carries out 2.3 billion outpatient procedures, has 11.3 inpatient stays every year, 254 million medical consultations every year and 2.3 million babies delivered every year. Their national immunization program applies about 130 million vaccinations every year.  They also have a project called the Farmacia Popular or the Popular Pharmacy in which certain drugs are provided to people at very low costs. 

For more see: http://www.brasil.gov.br/para/worker/service/what-does-sus-stand-for/br_model1?set_language=en


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