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The Family Health Program is funded by the federal, state and municipal governments. The program’s budget in 2005 was U.S. $1,175 million and the cost per team was U.S. $173,400. Per person this means that each was covered with U.S. $31-$50 depending on the municipality. 

 See Widening access to healthcare: an evaluation of Brazil’s family Health Programme by Rocha Romero and Rodrigo Soares.

The HIV/AIDS program in 1998 had a budget of U.S. $436 million; the federal government spent roughly U.S. $352 million for treatment; US$42 million for prevention; US$41 million for institutional development; and US $1 million for surveillance. In 2000, treatment still represented the largest component of the budget with the antiretroviral drug taking the biggest share of the budget for treatment

See HIV/AIDS in Brazil by the AIDS Policy Research Center, University of California San Francisco 


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