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Financing SUS

Health expenditure is 9% of GDP according to the World Bank. Only 3% of GDP is for the public spending on health. The spending per inhabitant in Brazil in 2007 was $ 715 in U.S. dollars and the budget for 2010 was R$62.5 billion which had increased 4.5% from the previous year.

See http://www.youblisher.com/p/196488-Access-to-and-financing-of-health-care-in-Brazil/

Brazil’s federal, state and local governments all come together to raise funds. It derives two thirds from the public sector and one third from the private sector. The government derives money from the Social Security budget which is predominately based on contributions and taxed from employee payroll and business profits. State and local governments have also been mandated to increase their spending on health until it reaches 12% and 15% of their respective budgets.

See Health Reform in Brazil: Lessons to Consider by PhD. Elias, M. Eduardo Paulo and PhD. Cohn, Amelia Amelia Cohn PhD and Paulo Eduardo M. Elias PhD. Also see Access to and Financing of Health Care in Brazil by the Associacao da Industria Farmaceutica de Pesquisa. 


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