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Family Health Program

The family health program is a division of SUS in which was started 1994 to be completely dedicated to families as the name suggests and to enhance the care to more groups of people. It also became one of the most if not the most important division of SUS. It’s based on multidisciplinary teams, comprised of a doctor, a nurse, a nurse auxiliary and four to six community health workers that work in health units located in geographically defined areas each covering no more than 5000 residents. Community health workers is responsible for up to 120 families in a defined area and aims to provide home visits to every household at least once a month. The care is supposed to enhance the relationship between the residents in the given area with the health providers since it’s in a smaller defined place.

In order to recruit qualified personnel to the program the Ministry of Health created training centers that are regionally located to create competent workers to the program. The municipalities have also been able to invest in better hardware such as regulatory systems, increase service supplies, create clinical guidelines and use the electronic medical records in order to incorporate it to specialized systems for specialized care. 

For more see: http://dab.saude.gov.br/atencaobasica.php


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