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The first case of AIDS in Brazil was in 1982. The government set up the National AIDS Program (NAP) in association with different civil society groups in 1985. These society groups wanted to make sure the government was aware of what was going on with regards to the disease in order to give the people the care they needed.  Around the same time the first HIV/AIDS NGO was created known as GAPA or in English as the AIDS Prevention and Support Group, Grupo Pela Vida (Group for Life) and ABIA (Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association).These groups constantly pressured politicians into improving the treatment and care of those living with this disease. After the constitution of 1988, it gave legal protection to the people who had been infected with regards to any discrimination and defended their right to free health care. As soon as in 1996, the antiretroviral drugs had shown to considerably help the victims of HIV/AIDS, many activist groups began to pressure the Brazilian government to provide the drug to everyone who had been infected. Later on that same year, the Brazilian Minister of Health announced that the drug would be provided to all free of cost.

For more access http://www.avert.org/aids-brazil.htm


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