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What do the Data Say?

The Favela-Bairro program was a municipality project undertaken by Rio de Janeiro.The project expressed direct interest in urbanizing the favela population and integration them into the formal city. The project took place in the 1990s and was implemented in two stages. The first stage took place in 1994, and the second stage took place in 2000. 38 favelas were the targets of this project. Rios attempts to address their population living in informal settlements has been matched with a large increase of favela dwellers. From 7% in 1950 to 20% by the year 2000. Medium sized communities ( 500 to 2,500 households) within the 38 selected favelas received an estimated expenditure of 3,500 dollars per family. The intervened communities there was an increase in garbage and sewage services, but with the lack of data and census information on the quality of life before implementing the program it was difficult to measure the impact and benefits of the programs.

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