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The Metamorphosis

“The Metamorphosis of Marginality: Four generation in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro”

  • Brazil continues to be one of the most unequal countries in the world, with the top 10 percent of the population earning 50 percent of the national income and some 34 percent of all people living below the poverty line.
  • Under President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, anti-poverty programs were implemented in the form of small cash transfers to poor families in exchange for keeping each child aged seven to fourteen in school, giving them required inoculation, and providing regular medical check-ups.

The study examines the transformation of the lives of the favela dwellers that participated in the study in the areas of Economic Status, Intergenerational Mobility and Structural Barriers to Mobility. The studies examined that there were many indicators of mobility and the positive changes in favela dwellers lives. One indicator of success was the participation in a housing association, with 60 percent of those participating in one or more community associations, versus 17 percent of non-participants experienced upward mobility.


To see the study: http://ann.sagepub.com/content/606/1/154



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