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This article was written by Janice E. Perlman and covers Rio de Janerio favelas from 1968-2005. The author talks about the dictatorship period in which she conducted the beginning of her research. The fear of eradication policies during this time was very real for the favela population and now she outlines that the fear has been replaced. The fear has been replaced by the fear of being killed in the war that is going on between the police and drug traffickers. The article discusses the violence, deception of democracy, public policy, and the divide between the population of Rio. Janice Perlman discusses the history of eradication and prevalence of stigma associated with those who live in the favelas. She notes that there has been a replacement of the old ideas that the favela dwellers were separate from the city and that they had become very integrated into it. The degree of inequality that exists is still a great challenge along with the growth of favela violence due the increased drug trade.

UN projections indicate that virtually all of the population growth in the world over the next 25 years will be in the cities of the developing countries.


For the full text see: http://filmscreen.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/perlman_2005_flavela.pdf



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